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It does not matter what your business size is, small, medium or large. It is very easy now a days for every business to get highly targeted visitors for their website from the internet by running the PPC (Pay Per Click) ads. AKR is best Pay Per Click Advertising Agency in London, our focus is generating highest return on investment for our clients through PPC Advertising Services in London

PPC campaign can be initiated on different search engines like Google and Bing. Running a PPC campaign is the strategy by which a business bids on keywords which are related to their business in the search engines.

The PPC Advertising model is very beneficial for the business because -

  1. You are placing your ads in front of people who are already searching for as service or product similar to yours. You can immediately capture and close this hot lead.
  1. You can bid on your competitor’s products, services or brand name and place your own product or service, which is better than that of your competitor, in the form of PPC ad in front of the potential customer. Allowing you to excel your competition.
  1. You can even start PPC ads while you website is yet to gain its rightful place in the search engine by the SEO process. BY this you don’t have to wait for months for your SEO ranking to take effect and within the matter of hours you can have the important traffic flowing in your website from the search engines.
  1. Your business niche is very competitive in your local area. Then the PPC advertising can provide you with the needed edge to get ahead of competitors.

Let us explain the Pay Per Click Advertising process in Detail

For example let’s say you are a dentist in a town, which has 10 dentists. Now you are in competition with these other 9 dentists for customers.

Now when someone types in Google ‘dentist in town’ and you are running PPC ad campaign in Google. What Google does it shows your ad under sponsored ad, up over the top of the page for the selected keywords for which you are running PPC ads.

The user clicks on your ad and you get charged by Google for this particular ad click.

By this you pay every time some targeted customer clicks on your PPC ad. The Google gets money for sending the traffic to your website and you get a potential customer.

This was explained in simple words for you to know the basic concept of PPC advertising. But in actual, it is very tricky as most businesses end up losing money. Since they have to pay more to Google than what they make from the customer acquired by the PPC ad campaign.

There are various factors involved in determining the profitability of a PPC campaign like the keywords selection, keywords competition, niche completion and tons of others. Hence, it is always advised to let an expert PPC advertising company handle your PPC account. That will make sure you PPC ads are highly profitable by applying various PPC strategies to increase the click through rates, to bring down the cost per click and to finally bring down the customer acquisition cost.

Our PPC Research Process

AKR Agency is the leading PPC management company in London. We at AKR Agency do extensive research for your business niche to deliver you the most profitable PPC ad campaign. Out research strategy includes but is no way limited to

  1. Finding which keywords would give the maximum return on ad investment?
  1. Finding the keywords which are very expensive to bid on and the business would end up losing money if bided upon. Put such keywords into negative income list, never to be bid upon.
  1. Finding the keywords your competitors are bidding upon, their profitability with such keywords. And by finding out which keywords have been left out by your competitors that can be bided with low amounts due to low keyword competition, increasing your profitability.
  1. Adjusting and optimizing the bid prices in PPC ad campaigns as the bids change on day to day basis.

What you get when you go with AKR Agency for your PPC Ad Campaigns

  1. You get free review of your prospect PPC ad campaign.
  1. Google certified experts manage your PPC ad campaigns.
  1. Precise and transparent monthly reporting.
  1. Lowest CPC (Cost Per Click) as per your business niche.
  1. Optimization of PPC campaigns.
  1. You can set the monthly budget.
  1. We can create high converting custom landing pages for your website.
  1. Professional and prompt customer service.
  1. Your PPC campaigns are handled by our experts only and we do not outsource your account like other companies.
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