SEO Basics


If you feel that in order to master the basics of Search Engine Optimization is like learning to be the next worked-famous rocket scientist, you are dead wrong! SEO or Search Engine Optimization is nothing complicated at all. Search Engines always try to give users whatever they can find. Real SEO is simple and straightforward and operates on one basic principle i.e. to find contents that matches what users are looking for. In the battle for the stop spots, content is always King and good contents will soar you up those ranks faster than you can blink your eyes. The best contents are the ones that are relevant to your website theme and sprinkled her and there with the appropriate keywords. Do not spam it though, that will sabotage your efforts almost immediately. Write for the visitors and the search engine spiders too. Write captivating and useful contents to satisfy your visitor’s needs and use keywords in the articles to capture the attention of those search engine spiders. We are best seo company in london 

A powerful way to develop good contents is to write a series of articles for your website. As far as search engine optimization is concerned, these are effective in providing your visors with the information they are looking for and place you on top positions for that keyword that you normally do not have a chance to shine at. For example if you are selling handbags and you write an article on leather handbags, using the keywords handbag and leather, you will possibly rank well in those search engines with the keyword leather and handbag as well. If you write a series of articles relating to your theme, it can put you on the fast track to the top positions on those search engines!

Search Engine optimization normally works best with clean HTML codes with minimal graphics and less of those fancy glitzy stuff. If you do a research on the keyword that you like, you will probably find that the sites that rank well are those without fancy JavaScript, animated Flash and other fancy menus. In fact, they have simple designs with graphics that use as minimal bandwidth as possible, plus they are easy to navigate. The rule of thumb is to stick with simple and clean designs as those are what search engine spiders are after. If you want to score big with those spiders, get rid of your fancy peripherals and focus more on useful contents that both visitors and spiders can use.

Sometimes you may find that there are websites that rank well despite having fancy contents. Such sites probably have contents in them that are relevant to what search engine spiders are looking for. However if you want to improve your chances of moving up on those ranks on search engines, do plan to develop a site that is user friendly and easy to navigate if you want to encourage return visitors.

Consider the Meta tags, keywords, descriptions, and titles. They too are just one part of your overall strategy. The effective use of these elements can assist you to optimize your site for better rankings.

If you stumble upon an obstacle and do not know where to ask for assistance, join in one or two forums pertaining to your issue that you are trying to solve, For example, if you are trying to find answers to a SEO problem, type in “SEO forum” using one of the search engine of your choice and you will be connected to people who are wiling to assist you in finding the solution to your problem. Be patient, keep on improving your skills and knowledge and you will soon find that SEO or search engine optimization is no rocket science that you may initially thought it was! Here is our another article on SEO.