Organic Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO) – Rank Higher in Google, Bing and Yahoo in your Local Target Market

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important elements in building a website so your audience and target market can find your website easily in Google, Bing and Yahoo. We have been offering Search Engine Optimization services in Cleveland, Ohio for well over a decade and understand how to build a rich Organic SEO Website from the ground up yielding great success. It’s all about making your website’s “content theme” more “relevant” than your competitors to achieve high page rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo. This is critical for any website owner that does not have deep pockets to dedicate a budget for paid recurring advertising programs online or in other traditional media options such as TV, Radio, and print. If you do have a budget for paid advertising, this is an excellent approach to complement your over all marketing mix. We are provide best seo services london uk

Our Proven Method for an Effective Organic SEO Strategy –

SEO Research – Keyword and Keyword Phrase Discovery

Using credible and reliable keyword data sources, we will research and find the most popular keywords and keyword phrases that people use in the major search engines to find products and services related to our customer’s business model. This provides the building blocks for a solid and relevant SEO content theme, structure and architecture to strengthen the overall Organic SEO strategy. We will then evaluate and narrow down our keyword findings to about (5-10) keywords and keyword phrases and review our findings with our customers for confirmation that our findings are relevant to their business model.

Using The Right Relevant Meta Tags

Most search engines do not place as much emphasis on Meta Tags as they did in the past, but there are a few Meta Tags that do help enhance your overall SEO Strategy. We will include the most essential Meta Tags for each page, and populate them with highly optimized content to give your website that extra SEO edge.

SEO Site Architecture

We populate the site’s html structure and elements with the top keywords and keyword phrases. This has a great impact on contributing to your websites “content theme” making it very relevant in the eyes of the search engines providing SEO strength to your website’s overall SEO strategy.

Edit and Optimize Site Copy with SEO Content

The keywords and keyword phrases also play a very important role in your site copy (your site text). We will edit and populate your site copy with just the right mix and volume of SEO content that is recommended by the major search engines. We structure the SEO content the in html structure by utilizing optimized content in the titles, descriptions, headers (H1 – H6), paragraphs and other key areas of your website’s architecture, copy and content. This further strengthens the SEO strategy for the website making the site’s “content theme” very relevant for its given keywords and keyword phrases in the eyes of the major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

There are many ways to drive traffic and qualified leads to your website which include recurring paid methods such as pay-per-click and banner ads which can become costly in the long run for most companies and carry a daily or monthly budget that you continually feed money to such as Google’s AdWords in addition to requiring you to bid for page positioning by spending high fluctuating amounts of money per click through. You then pay for all click-throughs even if someone clicks on your AdWords ad that is really not a qualified lead, or someone just casually looking around that has no intentions of buying your products or services. Our Organic Search Engine Optimization is a one time fee and provides the best method to drive traffic and qualified leads to your website property in your geographic target market with no extra recurring fees. Don’t get us wrong, PPC can contribute positive results for some companies, and be a great way to supplement extra exposure to an already good organic SEO strategy. But if you don’t have deep pockets for AdWords or similar paid placement programs, Organic Search Engine Optimization is the way to go, with no limitations on exposure in all the major search engines.

Making the Most of your SEO Strategy

We recommend reviewing the websites SEO content and search engine ranking performance no less than every quarter to make sure your website has the latest and most popular keywords and keyword phrases since these can change over time due to Internet users using different keyword queries in the search engines which can change the popularity of some keywords and keyword phrases over time.

With our SEO Packages, you pay for the service one-time instead of paying daily or monthly budgets like PPC programs. In addition, you are committing to providing quality relevant content related to your products and services which is just what the search engines are looking for. This will help you rank higher in Google, Bing & Yahoo in your geographic target market.