On Page SEO Optimization Tips – Optimize for search engines

The web has evolved exponentially in the last few years. You probably heard this cliché numerous times by now. But have you ever wondered what made this highly praised evolution? The answer is search engines . Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so forth revolutionized the Internet making them one of the best ways to make your site popular and/or attract clients.

Today, search engine optimization is as important for a website as its design and content. This article will give you a few short tips and tricks on how to rank higher in a search engine. Note that you probably won’t be able to rank first on most search engines by using only one or two of these tips. Only when combining these measures will you stand a chance against those mammoth sites you are competing with. You can check out SEO basics


Most search engines look for keyword density through your site when giving the user his search results. So if the user searches for “cheap cars”, the density of the keywords “cheap” and “cars” and the density of the “cheap cars” combination on your site, will determine how high you will rank.


Try to include keywords and key phrases in your site’s <title> tags. Search engines will give out results that have a similar title to the phrase or word that the user is searching for.

Alt tags

There are a few more HTML tricks that send your site up the ranks. Using frames and pop-ups decrease your rating on many search engines. Another tip would be the use of “alt” tags on images. The “alt” tag is the text you see sometimes when holding your mouse over a picture (most of the times a description of the picture). To use the tag, find the image source of a picture (e.g.: <img src=”picture.gif” ) and insert the following attribute: alt=”description of picture”. It should look like this: <img src=”picture.gif” alt=”picture description” .>. This should make a small box, containing the “picture description” line, appear over the image if you hover the mouse above it.


Adsense tips – Google’s Adsense, is a revolutionary monetization system that promotes quality over quantity on the net and the creation of theme-based websites. Search engines (and Google especially) are in a constant fight to “clean” the Internet of useless or non-theme based sites. Therefore precise and quality sites will have a ranking advantage over other sites. That means that if your site has a good amount of daily visitors and traffic, it will be advantaged by most search engines because it shows it’s a quality site. The rule that Adsense promotes is that if your site is provided with highly relevant ads by the Google media bot (robot) then the search bots will likely do the same i.e. provide higher rankings.

With these tips at hand and with the help of Google’s Adsense, you will be able to rank higher than ever in every search engine’s page. Of course there are many more ways to increase your rank but these apply to all search engines and are the most proficient. Here is our another SEO article that will help you in rankings.