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Are you looking for an SEO Agency that provides Best and Professional SEO Services London that can rank your site on page one? AKR SEO Agency London helps Local and International Businesses get on the first page of Google. As we are the Best SEO Company UK – our main focus is to get highest Return on Investment for our Clients.

If you are seeing this page means you have searched on Google, SEO London or similar query – as we are ranking, we can do this same for your business. With proper White Hat SEO, your website will rank higher and you will get more customers.

Why Businesses require SEO Services?

The main part of building a successful business is getting new customers consistently with low cost of acquisition. You have two options for getting customers – The first option is to spend money on paid ads, but Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads on Google are costly, as more and more businesses are bidding on the same keywords for getting customers and only 30% of people click on Ads. The second option is spending money on your website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and rank your website on the first page of Google.

Think to invest in SEO as you are investing in your business. The higher your site ranks the higher organic traffic you get. This will result in more customers. Do you know 70% of users that search on Google clicks on organically ranking websites? That is they click on websites that rank on Google with the help of SEO.  We are SEO experts that specialize in ranking websites on the front page of Google.

Other than Search Engine Optimization (SEO), AKR also helps clients with –

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How Much Does SEO Cost In London?

Are you thinking about How much does SEO Cost in London? As you know each and every business is different, so, does the competition of each keyword for the business, more competition means more budget is required to rank your website in Google. For determining the SEO cost for a business we first do through Competitive analysis.

After we analyze competition we finalize the Monthly Budget you will need to rank your website, we take into consideration different factors such as hours required, keyword competition, backlinks required, new content cost, video making cost, etc. Contact us for knowing the best SEO packages for your business.

AKR – London SEO Consultants – Best Seo Experts and Digital Marketing Company in London – Providing Affordable Local SEO Services and International SEO Solutions for Businesses

We are London SEO consultants providing affordable SEO and digital marketing services to Local and International Business. Whether you want local SEO services or international SEO solutions, we are professional SEO experts providing the best SEO consultancy for your business.

AKR is an SEO and Digital Marketing Company in London offering different services such as SEO, SMM, PPC Advertising, Local SEO Services, Facebook Advertising, Website Development, etc. We have professional search engine marketing experts in our team – managing more than 70 clients every month and we have more than 95% client retention rate.

Top 16 Reasons Why You Should Hire AKR SEO Consultants

  1. SEO Consultancy Experience of more than 10 Years
  2. Providing Best SEO Services in London with guarantee Search Engine Rankings
  3. Affordable Prices and Packages for any businesses looking for SEO Agency in London
  4. We are focused on increasing your Return On Investment
  5. Providing Local SEO, International SEO, and E-commerce SEO services
  6. We also target Long Tail Keywords so, that your website ranks quickly
  7. We do not outsource SEO to anyone, we have our own In-house SEO team
  8. We make custom SEO Strategy for each business
  9. We are the best digital marketing experts helping businesses grow by getting more customers
  10. We also rank your business on Google Maps
  11. We send you regular keyword ranking reports
  12. Building Quality Content for your website, so, that your website ranks in Google for a Long Time
  13. Bringing you customers with low cost of acquisition
  14. Worked with Many Businesses in different niches
  15. We have in-depth knowledge about Digital Marketing Industry
  16. We are Pure White Hat SEO Agency in London

Our London SEO Process

London is a competitive market and we understand that. We start Search Engine Optimization campaign by analyzing competitors of our clients, this market research helps us to know how much effort and how long it will take to rank the site, as we finish analyzing competitive data we will follow the following SEO process –

Fixing On Page SEO Issues –

When we get a new client, we go through On Page SEO technical analysis of their website, then we note down all the issues that need to be fixed, with these On Page SEO issues fixed your site starts ranking. Some of the On Page issues are – Missing information in Schema, Heading Tags not properly set up, Tone of Website Content, website speed, website security issues, insufficient number of words in content, domain related issues, broken links and many more. After we fix all the issues we move forward with our SEO process

Modifying and Adding New Content on Website –

AKR marketing team will modify your current articles as per SEO and we will also add new articles focused on keywords that customers are searching on a search engine, we will also build new articles focused on Geo Location of Business, this will help your site rankings for location-based keywords. Google always favors quality content and we make sure that content we generate for you is always the best quality. We also add Images, Videos, and Infographics in article content if we think it is necessary (if with this visitors on your website will convert more)

Off-Page SEO (Link Building Campaign and Data Monitoring) –

Your domain needs power to rank on search engines. So, we will start by building Social Fortress Links for your website. If you have a location-based business we will also make different citations with NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) and Maps Embedded in it (this will help to rank in Google Maps). After the citations, we start building backlinks for your site.

We only use White hat SEO methods (because of White hat SEO your site will never get penalized). Unlike other SEO companies who use Black hat SEO methods, endangering your website to get penalized by the search engines. Backlinks help your site ranking higher in search engines. We manually build backlinks and we do not use any automation tools to build backlinks. Making sure they are of the highest quality. We acquire backlinks from our partner networks, local websites, news websites, Business Directories, Government websites, etc.

We Monitor SEO Campaigns and make necessary changes required, we also send monthly reporting to our clients. Our team monitors data from the following sources for our clients:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google My Business
  • Google Search Engine Console
  • Other data sources that are relevant for an SEO campaign
SEO Agency in London - Best SEO Services London


As we are ranking for high competitive keywords, we also help your website to rank on the first page of Google and other Search engines for the competitive keywords related to your business. We are the only SEO Agency that Guarantee’s first page Search engine rankings. We also add fresh quality content on your website; this will help you to rank higher.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Services Company in London


Pay Per Click Advertising helps you to bid on specific keywords that will help your business to get customers. AKR Marketing Team is Google Certified Experts that will help in bring down your PPC advertising cost and click through cost. We also focus on increasing conversions. Let us manage your Advertising Campaigns Efficiently and we will give you the highest Return on Ad Spend.

Best Website Design Agency in London


A visitor makes his perception after viewing your website. Let us help you in making a fully responsive website that will grab a visitor’s attention and convert that visitor into your customer. With proper website design, you can increase conversion rates up to 70%.

Best Social Media Management Company in London


Are you struggling with managing all your social media accounts, let us solve this problem, our professional team will manage all social media for your business at an affordable price. In today’s world, it is very important to have social media presence to connect with your existing customers and to attract new ones as well.



Do you know Facebook has 2.38 billion active users monthly? This means your potential customers are also on Facebook. This means you need Facebook Advertising to grow your business. Let us manage Facebook Advertising for your business and give you a very high Return on Ad Spend. No Matter in which industry you are, you can do Facebook Advertising for your Business.

Reputation Management Company in London


Do you know around 95% of customers read Business Reviews before making a purchase from a business? Your brand should represent your business and your marketing efforts can be ineffective if you do not have proper reputation management for your Business. We will design specific Reputation Management Program for your Business, this will help you generate more quality reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the time duration required to rank my site?

The higher the difficulty of a keyword the longer it will take to rank your website for that keyword. Keyword difficulty is measured from 0 to 100 (0 means the easiest and 100 means the hardest). If you are targeting keyword that has the difficulty of 75 it will take longer to get ranked for that keyword as compared to the keyword that has the difficulty of 15. So, it is essential for you to contact us and we will do complete competitive analysis and give you duration required to rank your website.

2. What would be the contract duration?

After you contact us we will perform a thorough audit of your website and we will also check how your site is performing on search engines for ranking. On the basis of technical analysis of your website and competition we will lay out proper plan and budget it will require to rank your website. Please note if anyone tells that they will rank your site in less than 3 months means they will use Black Hat SEO tactics which will lead to penalization your website in future. And once your website is penalized, no amount of SEO can bring it back on the first page of the search engines. No one can rank a site in a month with White Hat SEO; average contract duration will be for 6 months as we only do complete White Hat SEO, which is 100% safe for your website.

3. What’s your Pricing Model?

Pricing depends on many factors – Number of hours required, Backlinks required, Keyword Difficulty, Competition, Previous SEO work on the website, etc. The keyword that has more competition will require more time and resources to rank, so, we make separate pricing models for each business after analyzing all the factors. Contact Us so that we can make a proper strategy for your business and let you know the cost to rank your website on the first page of Google.

4. What is your SEO Approach?

We are completely White Hat SEO Agency in London. We never do Black Hat SEO. We approach with different strategies based on the business type. Regardless of your business niche we do work by focusing on creating best quality content, we will also update content that is posted on your website, we will increase your website speed and security, make changes to the website so that it will increase conversion rate, we will make backlinks with white hat approach and without using any automation tools as other agencies do.

5. Can I select keywords?

Before launching an SEO campaign we ask our clients what keywords they want to rank for. Once we get keywords, we also perform keyword research and select those best keywords that will rank quickly and represents your business. We select best keywords that users search on search engines for your business type, with this click-through rate of your website increases which will result in increasing the rankings of your website. We also use sophisticated SEO tools that will tell us the exact keywords users are searching. We can target keywords that are focused on local, national or international searches.

6. Who will write new content?

We will write new high-quality relevant content for you. As our SEO strategy also comprise content marketing, we will post at least 1 new article of about 500 words every month on your website. We have highly skilled writers in our team and they will create the best quality and niche relevant content for your website. In the past, we have even written a 9000-word article for one of our clients, as such a large content was required by the keywords to rank. If you have existing content on your website we will also modify that content to make it SEO friendly. Even if you want to provide fresh content for your website, you can provide that to us and we will modify it to make it as per our On Page SEO guidelines.